2018 Subaru Forester: The Adventure SUV

If You Enjoy Camping, Hiking or Mountain Biking, Side with a Subaru Forester

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Dubuque, IA or Manchester, IA or beyond, if you enjoy adventure then this is the Subaru SUV for you. There are multiple reasons why a Subaru Forester is an ideal off-road and outdoor vehicle. One of the reasons is because of its ground clearance.

The Forester has 8.7-inches of ground clearance. This allows Lancaster, WI drivers to easily navigate over tall grass and jutting rocks. It also means that if you have to tackle snowy conditions that there would be a less of a chance of getting stuck. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in deep snow and having to shovel your way out. Check out three other reasons why the Subaru Forester is an ideal off-road vehicle below!

Three Reasons Why the Forester is an Ideal Off-Road SUV

  • Standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive: This is a standard feature on almost all Subaru models. It improves your traction and can help you out of a sticky situation. While other rear-wheel drive vehicles may find themselves stuck in the mud or deep snow, you will be cruising to your destination with complete peace of mind.
  • X-Mode ® : This is a technology feature that optimizes your traction. It uses the electronic control of the engine, transmission, all-wheel-drive system, brakes and other components to reduce wheel slip. It is an ideal feature for slippery surfaces and when you find yourself climbing steep inclines and navigating rough roads.
  • SUBARU BOXER ® Engine: Many engines use an inline system, Subaru doesn’t. This vehicle uses a horizontal layout for the engine that gives it a lower center of gravity. Not only does this improve response but it can protect you in the case of a front end collision. Whether you are from Platteville, WI or Galena, IL, this engine can keep you safe on the road. Since it sits lower it can also help prevent road slip.
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