Is your Subaru vehicle in need of an oil change? While having your oil changed may not be the first priority on your list of things to do, nevertheless it is important to keep up with the recommended mileage intervals in between oil changes to ensure that your engine is performing at the highest level possible for the many long years ahead. Here at Riley Subaru, we have a team of expert Subaru technicians in our service center that can get your oil changed and replaced with the recommended Subaru motor oil in a matter of minutes, allowing you to get in and out and have confidence in your vehicle and engine's ability to perform at a high level for thousands of more miles to come!

Motor oil is often referred to as the lifeblood of your vehicle, in the way that it keeps the heart of your vehicle, or the engine, pumping. When you wait too long to have your oil changed, it can gunk up with dirt and debris that it has collected over the thousands of miles driven. This can cause your engine to get dirty, and also prevent it from receiving the proper lubrication and cooling that it needs to perform at the highest level possible.

If your Subaru vehicle is currently in need of an oil change, we want to invite you to have it done in the quickest and most convenient fashion possible, right here at Riley Subaru. We are conveniently located in Dubuque, IA and proudly serve drivers from all over Manchester, IA; Lancaster, WI; Platteville, WI; and Galena, IL.

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