Learn More About the Rare Subaru 360 Truck
at Riley Subaru

Interested in taking a look at one of the rarest Subaru models on the roads? Here at Riley Subaru, we're the proud owners of the Subaru 360, one of the first vehicles ever produced by the brand! This unique little truck is one not to miss, and you can see it for yourself right here at your local Subaru dealership.

All About the Subaru 360 Truck

The Subaru 360 is an important piece of both the Subaru brand's history as well as automotive history in general. It was produced for 12 years in the late 50s and continued it's run to the early 70s. It features endearing rear-hinged doors, part of where it gets its name. It's also an incredibly lightweight truck, weighing in at only 1000-pounds.

Here at Riley Subaru we've invested time, money, and energy to keep this piece of history looking brand new and running well. Its adorable styling and low-to-the-ground stance make it popular among the community. It's also an incredibly reliable vehicle, with a track record of running for 100,000 miles after having been rebuilt.

Stop by to See this Rare Model

Want to see a real Subaru 360 in person? Visit us at Riley Subaru and see this vintage favorite in person. The team here at Riley Subaru can't wait to show it off to you!