Winter in the Manchester area is a harsh, unforgiving season. A single mistake can cause you to be at the mercy of the elements and waiting for rescue. Not to be alarmist, but many in the Lancaster, WI, area are aware of what would happen if you slide on ice around a corner or if you lost your heating capabilities.

Winter can be dangerous and unpredictable, but when you take the time to prepare, then you can navigate the snowy roads of the Galena area safely.

Here are several winter care tips to keep in mind this winter.


Swap Out Regular Tires for Winter Tires

When the road conditions get icy and slippery, there's no substitute for winter tires. Winter tires are designed with a special tread pattern that avoids snow build-up, unique sipes that give traction even in icy conditions, and freezing-resistant rubber that allows the tires to retain their flexibility and traction better than summer and all-season tires.


Be sure that your winter tires have even wear and still have a deep enough tread depth to stay effective. If you don't know how to judge this, bring in your tires to a trusted mechanic or service center for inspecting.

Check Tire Pressure Weekly

As we've established, having traction and functioning winter tires is very, very important, so drivers in the Platteville, WI, area are going to want to make sure their air pressure is sufficient. Underinflated tires can lead to uneven wear and loss of traction. Why weekly? Your tires can lose a pound of air pressure for every ten-degree drop.

Keep Your Fuel Tank At Least Half Full

If you slide off the road, get stuck, or have some sort of an emergency, you're going to want to have enough fuel to keep your vehicle warm and ready for rescue. Keeping your fuel tank is also important in case it takes much longer than expected to get through traffic than you anticipated.


Need a reliable service center in Dubuque? Then why not utilize the services of our service center? Our team of skilled technicians knows how to perform winter inspections and make sure that your vehicle is ready for winter. Schedule a service appointment today and avoid getting stuck out in the cold!

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