It's common knowledge that Subaru models are some of the most reliable out there. In fact, here's some trivia for the next time you want to impress someone with your Subaru knowledge: out of all the Subaru vehicles sold in the past 10 years, 97% of them are still driving today! However, while Subaru vehicles are undeniably capable, they aren't unstoppable. Your Subaru still needs your help to keep it healthy, so make sure to periodically bring it over to our Subaru service center!

Regular maintenance is vital for the well-being of your Subaru... in fact it's vital for any vehicle. You Subaru can't take care of itself, so it needs your help. Driving causes wear and tear on your vehicle, and before long, you need to take care of many minor issues, such as tire rotations and oil changes. The thing about minor issues is that they have a nasty habit of growing into big problems if left unchecked. Our Subaru service experts give your Subaru the care it deserves, and they'll help you keep it driving like a dream for many years to come. How do you schedule an appointment at our service center? It's easy! Just fill out our online service request form! At Riley Subaru, we're here to help.

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