Even with your all-wheel drive equipped Subaru vehicle, it’s important that when you take on inclement weather around Dubuque, IA and Manchester, it’s important that you have the correct winter tires on your vehicle. Winter tires are specifically designed to traverse through snow, ice, sleet and rain, providing you with greater capability and confidence regardless of the weather outside. With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive on your Subaru vehicle, you’re able to take on poor weather conditions and off-road terrain, but having winter tires equipped is the best way to conquer whatever stands between you and your next destination this winter.

What’s the Difference Between Winter Tires and Normal Tires?

Winter tires have specific features that are designed to take on winter weather conditions. The first is the rubber that they’re made out of. The tread rubber on normal tires can stiffen in cold temperatures, providing you with less traction. On winter tires, the tread rubber remains flexible, allowing you to grip the road better and take on snow and ice around Lancaster, WI and Galena, IL. Another difference is that the tread pattern and depth are different on winter tires. Winter tires have deeper tread and a pattern that channels snow out, allowing for less snow buildup. Winter tires also have more biting edges and sipes, allowing for the tires to provide greater traction on the ice.

Where Can I Have My Winter Tires Put On in Dubuque?

If you need to buy or have your winter tires put on, we invite you to join us at Riley Subaru and our technicians will get you set up with the correct tires in no time. We offer a tire store where you can find the correct tires for your Subaru vehicle, and our service center offers fast tire changes and rotations to help you drive with complete confidence around Platteville, WI and beyond this winter.

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